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Via Bindoletta, 90 – 35040 Merlara, Padua
The Dianthus

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We have about two hundred varieties of outdoor dianthus plants; a palette of colours and sizes with a variety of different effects for your garden and balconies.
The dianthus

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These evaluations are also validated subjectively, though the main parameters that guide our choice in terms of novelties are the following: varieties as a company that creates hybrids (English, Dutch, and German companies) colours, shades, and fragrances. Every year we add or take away certain varieties according to the adaptability of the plants to our climate.

We begin with the scions, which we receive from companies that are also specialized in the production of young plants, which ensures very high quality, homogenous products. Or we start with the seeds, which offer a much wider consumer base while remaining within a professional sector.

Our research does not stop at the producers as we also carry out a fine selection of private individuals, because some varieties are no longer available on the market, but are well worth bringing to the fore.

From a technical point of view, we have uniformed the pots to two sizes. A diameter of 13 for cultivations from September to March, and a diameter of 10 for cultivations from January to March.  The largest assortment comes in pots of a diameter of 13. The scions reach our company in September. We transplant them into pots of a diameter of 13. Then during the winter we prune them preferably by hand, or, if that is not possible, we employ scissors (by hand reduces the risk of spreading illnesses). The plants sprout well and are ready for sale by March.

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Via Bindoletta 90,
35040, Merlara (Padova) Italia
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