Dianthus Whetman Stars® Flutterby

Il dianthus alpin garden flutterburst è un garofano che suggerisco per l'uso da bordura o giardino roccioso. Pianta molto rustica Presente nella nostra proposta di garofani da giardino perenni permanenti sono facili da usare e generosi nelle fioriture. Pianta disponibile in vendita nel nostro shop online. Ibrido del 2018 di origine inglese, Fiore alto 12 cm circa, piacevolmente profumato che ricorda i fiori della nonna. Di particolare pregio la cromatura del fiore. Pianta con ottimo accestimento, circa 15 cm di diametro. Garofano di particolare interesse.


Species: Dianthus
Name: Flutterby
Know as: Carnation
Family: Caryophyllaceae
Variety: Perennial
Height: 10 cm
Leaf: Dark silver green
Shape: dense and compact bush
Flower: Semi-double butterfly flower, medium size
Colors:  Fuchsia and white
Sun exposure: Preferably sun or filtered sunlight
Scent: Intense
Reproduction by stem cutting: Temperate climate

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The carnation is a permanent perennial plant of value, for pot and garden, withstands harsh climates with temperatures up to -15 G °. For growth in pots, exposure to full sun is recommended, except in the hottest summer, when it prefers a slight shade of shade. For growth in full ground we recommend a sunny position or a partial shade, only if it is very bright.

For pot growth it is recommended to use generic neutral universal potting soil. Irrigate with frequency and constancy, avoid water stagnation. Modern hybrids do not tolerate periods of drought. For the growth in soil it is recommended to prepare the planting layout with a medium mixture of soil integrating universal generic neutral soil and in the case of clay soils also inert draining such as expanded clay, gravel or lapillus. Irrigate with frequency and constancy, avoid water stagnation. Modern hybrids do not tolerate periods of drought

A normal and ordinary cleaning of the spent flower stems (close to the base) ensures that the plant remains with an orderly and vigorous crown. If this is not enough, you can intervene further by removing excess branches and buds. The Dianthus is a plant that worships rich soils, following fertilization continuously. We recommend the use of liquid fertilizers for flowering according to the dilutions indicated once every 10/15 days.


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